The mission of the Hank Poore Foundation is to provide opportunities and experiences for people with disabilities which will foster authentic connections between individuals, groups and community.

The Hank Poore Foundation (HPF), founded by a small group of family and friends in 2020, was established with the goal of providing community, connection, and support to people with disabilities. Inspired by Hank Poore, a Tuscaloosa native with cerebral palsy, HPF was born out of a desire to provide others with the opportunities and experiences that Hank has had, and is built on the ideals of inclusion, engagement, education, and unity. These ideals have played significant roles in Hank’s life, both as he has lived them out and as others have embodied them. Hank is lucky to be a part of a community, both near and far, that has embraced his disability, and to have had the opportunity to engage in adaptive athletics, summer camps, long term employment and a number of other activities and experiences that are not always available to people with disabilities. Hank, and all other staff and volunteers at HPF, are committed to making these experiences and communities widely available to people with disabilities by providing forums for connection and empowerment, and by working to reach and support families in need of the resources, community, and opportunity that enable individuals with disabilities to live life to the fullest. In so doing, HPF hopes to model and bring forth the sort of inclusivity, compassion, and limitless possibility that changes lives.